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I just want to thank you again for teaching me....I have been using all that you taught me...God bless you......Dr. S. Nwachukwu

Training Programmes
Peerless Hospital and Wellness offers basic surgical skills training to undergraduate medical students and postgraduate residents. Endoscopic and laparoscopic skills are also offered to surgeons, urologists, and gynecologists.
Quality Care Givers
Rural Community Service
Peerless Hospital and Wellness provides rural community dwellers and the underprivileged access to specialist care using volunteer doctors, nurses, pharmacists and non-specialists. Volunteers who serve as support staff do not necessarily have to be medically trained. Such volunteers play a major role in logistics.
Peerless Hospital and Wellness is a surgical and wellness specialist hospital providing the highest standards of surgical care along with clinical research, education and training to Nigerians. 

We pride ourselves in the provision of the most advanced form of surgical care in the region particularly in the field of general, gastorintestinal, breast and urologic surgery. We also pride ourselves as being the only center in the region with Laser surgical machines for the treatment of both internal organ disease like prostate gland enlargement and diverse skin conditions. Our patients benefit from other minimally invasive (endoscopic and laparoscopic) surgical interventions giving them seemless recovery opportunites and early return to normal life.

Our wellness services have yeilded tremendous results among our patients including those with embarassing bodies.  We are guided by the  principles of providing medical services to our patients with care, compassion and commitment.
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  1. Minimally invasive Surgery
    Peerless Hospital and Wellness offers the most advanced form of minimally invasive surgery in the region. Our patients enjoy the comfort of minimally invasive surgery - no surgical scars, no intense surgical pain and they get back home earlier than they ever imagined.
  2. Laser Surgery
    Peerless Hospital and Wellness is proud to be the only hospital in Nigeria with the Green light laser machine for vapourizing the prostate gland. Our hospital boasts also as the only hospital in the region with laser machines for removal of tattoos, blemishes, warts and spots. .
  3. Wellness
    Peerless Hospital and Wellness remains the most advanced wellness center in the region involved in wellness programmes and treating embarrassing body parts that make people lose confidence in themselves. Keeping you healthy remains our focus.